Cancun restaurant guide

One of the most important experiences when you are going to travel to any place, is to enjoy the unique taste that every place has. In the case of Cancun, México, this task becomes doubly important, since this place combines a wide variety of styles, flavors and saucers of many parts of the world.

Despite this multinational combination of cuisines, Cancun has a cuisine with an authentic personality and a powerful spirit that is distinguished in each recipe. This combination of dishes ranges from seafood and Yucatecan food, to exquisite international dishes, meats and Mexican traditional food that can never be missed.

If you want to taste the authentic flavor of Cancun, you can’t miss any of the restaurants that we prepared for you in this Cancun restaurant guide.

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This area is mainly predominated by most of the large all-inclusive and luxury chain hotels, beaches, markets, and of course, oceanfront restaurants that will always leave you wanting a second course. In these luxury restaurants you will have the opportunity to taste dishes that range from meats and seafood, to international dishes and latin america food, all of this, of course, accompanied by an incredible view of the sea. Most of these restaurants are usually more expensive than the average, reaching prices of $35 US or more for a meal for 2 or 3 people, however, their quality, good service and varied concepts support them as an experience that you can’t miss if you want to know the best dishes of Cancun.

If you are looking for the luxury and the amenity to enjoy a meal with an incredible view of the sunset, there are a lot of options to delight with the best international cuisines of the Hotel zone, some of the best restaurants in this area are:

  • Puerto Madero
  • El Fish Fritanga
  • Navíos
  • Captain’s cove
  • Rosa negra
  • Lorenzillo ‘s
  • Divina carne
  • Porfirio ‘s.
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However, if you are looking for a place where to eat on a budget or maybe a different experience far from the touristic image of Cancun and more like locals do enjoy the flavor of the city, Downtown Cancun zone has some of the best markets, squares and spots to eat a delicious meal for a reasonable price. Being a very large area, telling one by one the spots to eat in the city could be more difficult and confusing, that’s why we gather the best areas to taste the different flavors of Cancun.

For example, “Mercado 23” is one of the favorite markets of the city, here in the heart of downtown Cancun you will find a small dining room where you can taste the original flavor of the food made by people from the region. The most popular dishes in this market are Mexican food like sopes, panuchos, any kind of tacos, tortas, etc.

But, if what really matters to you is to enjoy your vacation in the city just like the locals do, eat at the stalls at Parque de las Palapas. Although this place is not a restaurant per se, in this beautiful park you will find great snacks and delicacies here, ranging from empanadas to tacos and sweet treats. This experience is a fun way to spend the day in a cheap but authentic and laid back atmosphere.
On the other hand, Isla Contoy is one of the places of the city that you can’t miss if you want to take advantage of the visit to taste the Cancun seafood. This point of the city is one of the best when we talk about fresh seafood. Finally, one of the zones most popular in the city to find a large list of spots to eat is Nader avenue or “Avenida Nader”, in this avenue located very close to the Hotel zone, you will find many different establishments to eat, which can range from Sushi, burgers, tacos, seafood, South American cuisine and more!

As you can see, Cancun is a paradise for all senses, that’s why, if you come to this piece of heaven, don’t forget to taste the delicious flavors that awaits you in this destination. But, if you want a specific recommendation, here we have a brief list of the better places that you will find in Downtown Cancun:

  • El Rinconcito de Puebla
  • Restaurante Margely
  • La Habichuela Cancun
  • A la burger
  • El Oasis
  • Du Mexique
  • La Troje
  • Los Chachalacos.

… See you at your next destination: Cancun, Mexico!

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