Best beaches in Los Cabos

The main attractions in Los Cabos are it’s dream-like beaches, fine white sands and it’s clear turquoise waters in combination with the richness of marine life that awaits on the deepness, makes it one of the most paradisiacal places that you’ll find in the Mexican republic.

Year by year, the amazing beaches of this destination receive tourists from every part of the world who, among many other activities, practice water sports such as snorkeling or paddle boarding besides contemplating the beautiful sunsets of these pieces of heaven.

That’s why, if you’re a lover of the coastal wind and the cooling sound of sea waves, Los Cabos could be your next great adventure. Keep reading this guide of the best beaches in Los Cabos and discover why the gorgeous beaches of this destination are something unforgettable.


When we talk about parties and clubs, Cabo San Lucas is always the best place for those matters. However, the corridor among this last destination and San Jose del Cabo, is the real king when we talk about beaches, as in addition to its luxury resorts, the highest concentration of beaches is found along this place that connects the two cape cities. Some of the most popular names as Playa Santa Maria or Bahía de Chileno are located on this amazing area, among the most visited beaches in this zone we’ll find:

  • Bahía de Chileno: As we said, Bahía de Chileno is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in the corridor. Its blue waters and wide list of services that this well-known place offers to its visitors, makes it one of the best to practice all kinds of activities under the sun.
  • Playa Palmilla: Located near San Jose del Cabo, Playa Palmilla is an unskippable destiny. Its white sands and its beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez makes it beautiful, also this beach is perfect for snorkeling and sport fishing.
  • Playa Santa Maria: Despite not counting with so many services as other beaches, Playa Santa Maria is one of the most beautiful due to its almost untouched character. In addition to this fame, this beach has a marine sanctuary, and there’s a colorful array of sea life.

Other wonderful beaches in this area of Los Cabos are: Playa monumentos, Playa Las Viudas, Playa El Tule, Playa Cabo Real, Playa Buenos Aires, among many others.

beaches in los cabos palmilla cabo


We said the corridor was the zone in Los Cabos with the widest variety when we talk about beaches, but, amounts are not everything. Cabo San Lucas is not just the favorite area in Los Cabos to look for parties, also this paradisiacal zone counts with the most popular beaches that this destination has. Although not all beaches are safe for swimmers, specifically, several beaches on the Pacific side of Baja have dangerous waves and strong undertows. However, to free you from investigating which beaches are safe, in the next list we gathered some of the best to ensure a great visit and practice all kind of activities underwater:

  • Playa del Amor: Also known as Lover’s Beach, this is maybe the most popular beach in this area of Los Cabos, as in addition to its amazing natural beauty, this beach it’s located near the famous arch of Cabo San Lucas. However, also to its picturesque view, this beach has its own myth that makes it more interesting.
  • Playa Medano: Another immensely popular beach in Cabo San Lucas is Playa Medano. This huge beach, about two miles long, is the center of social life in Cabo San Lucas. Its calm waters in addition to a vibrant day & night life filled with restaurants, bars, souvenirs vendors, and water-based activities rentals makes it one of the best places to swim and know people.
  • Playa Coral negro: Also known as cannery beach, this place located at the entrance to the marina, right in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, is one of the most under-rated and little-known Cabo San Lucas beaches. However, this underground fame makes an ideal beach for those who want to skip the crowds of the most popular beaches. In this place, you’ll find some commerces also kayak tours heading to Lovers Beach.

As we said, some beaches in Cabo San Lucas are not safe to swim due to the strong rip tides and crashing waves, however, some of these beaches can be visited to contemplate its beautiful sunset views and the force of nature, some of them are: Playa El Divorcio and Playa Solmar.


In addition to its great cultural scene and its beautiful townish architecture, San José del Cabo has some beautiful beaches too, that can be a perfect place to start your day in this picturesque area of Los Cabos. Some of the best to visit during your stay are:

  • Playa Bledito: Also known as Tequila Cove, this beach is one of the best swimming beaches due to its features with a massive man-made breakwater. This beach is located in front of the Hilton hotel, and it’s a perfect place to practice aquatic activities.
  • Playa Hotelera: Named like that due to it fronts numerous resorts including a new Mayan Palace, Royal Solaris Los Cabos Resort, Crown Plaza Los Cabos Beach Resort, among many others. This beautiful beach is the most popular in San José del Cabo; however, there’s no safe swimming in the sea here, as the waves are often huge. Even so, this is a perfect spot to contemplate the strength and beauty of the sea.
  • Costa Azul: Located near Km 29 on the Carretera Transpeninsular, Costa Azul beach offers sun, sand and surf. In addition to this, there’s a lot of restaurant-bars near where you’ll find great food and drinks. If you are a surf lover, this beach is ideal for you.