Los Cabos Diving guide

Described by the world-famous explorer Jacques Cousteau as “The richest sea in the world”, the sea of Cortéz receives year by year the visit of divers from all parts of the world. Among so many specimens such as sea turtles, hammerhead sharks, enormous rays with 12-foot wingspans, sea lions, and over 900 varieties of reef fish live in the waters of this sea, a visit to the submarine world is something that you can’t lose if you are visiting Los Cabos.

But, beyond the amazing diversity of submarine life originated by the large amounts of plankton of its ecosystem, diving in Los Cabos is not just for professionals or adventurers, the experience of swimming side by side with some of the most stunning specimens on earth is something that everybody has to live when visiting Los Cabos, that’s why, this destination offers the opportunity to go out with professional crews and even learn and work towards a scuba certification.

So, as you can see, there’s no excuse to miss this unique opportunity to explore the fantastic submarine world that waits at the tip of the Baja Peninsula. If you’re looking for the best tips to make your diving exploration in Los Cabos the best experience in your life, in the next paragraphs we’ll show you the best places, tours and year times to experience this essential activity to your Cabo holidays.


Even though, diving in Cabo San Lucas can be practiced throughout the year, with excellent conditions in any season. The very best time to practice this activity is during the period from June to November, as in these months, underwater visibility can reach 100 feet or more, also, the average temperatures in the water are perfect to dive in.

Another great period of year to practice this activity is October, which is comfortable as well, whereas August and September (peak summer in Cabo) are hot and sticky.


One of the main advantages that made Los Cabos an ideal place to practice diving, is the diversity of spots that Los Cabos has in its territory, as in addition to its variability, most of the sites in this region are for both beginners and experts. Most of these places are located in Cabo San Lucas, where places like “The arch” offer not just amazing diving experiences, but an incredible landscape too. If you want to know the best spots to practice this activity, here we gathered some of the best:

  • Cabo San Lucas Marina: Maybe the most popular place to practice diving and other aquatic activities. In this park you’ll find several attractions including coral reefs, huge walls, the famous Arch of Los Cabos, and of course, its vibrant submarine life.
  • Land’s end: Near Cabo San Lucas Marina, this place joins the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean creating a unique site between the two enormous pinnacles at Land’s End.
  • Gordo banks: Located about ten miles off the coast of San Jose del Cabo, this undersea mountain attracts a large quantity of pelagic fish and other amazing specimens such as: Big rays, whale sharks and tuna, among many others. It’s considered a place just for the experts.
  • Pelican rock: This pinnacle covered in purple fans that rises above the surface, is one of the most popular Cabo’s places to practice this activity. Its shallows are ideal for courses and newer divers, while the deep walls provide a wonderful exploration opportunity for divers.
  • Cabo Pulmo: This beautiful site offers numerous caves to discover, as well as a colorful coral reef that attracts a diverse array of animals like sea turtles and rays.
los cabos diving activity


If you are a first timer or maybe you want to explore the bottom of the sea accompanied by the knowledge of an expert, Los Cabos has some of the best diving tours that you’ll find in México. As the sea of Cortez is one of the most fascinating bodies of water to explore, the expeditions organized by some of the best diving schools are one of the best ways to appreciate the richness of this vibrant sea, some of the best diving tours in this area are:

  • Diving for Beginners in Los Cabos: As we said, the diving tours in Los Cabos are one of the best opportunities to explore the sea. In this immersion of 3 hours, you’ll learn to dive hand by hand with a qualified PADI instructor who will teach you all what you need to know about this activity.
    Snorkeling Discovery
  • Sail in Los Cabos: In this snorkeling cruise you’ll explore Los Cabos preferred snorkeling bays, Santa Maria, or Chileno Bay, finishing your day with a delicious buffet and bar.
  • Beach Hopping Snorkeling Discovery in Los Cabos: Explore the diverse marine life in the crystal clear waters of Santa Maria and Chileno Bays on this 3.5-hour snorkeling and beach-hopping adventure, later, enjoy the breathtaking views of famous sights such as Land’s End or The Arch.
  • Diving in The Arch Cabo San Lucas: If you are looking for something that requires skills, on this diving excursion, exclusively for certified divers, you’ll explore some of the best places that the Sea of Cortez has to offer, such as The Arch and the deepest sand falls in the world, among many other wonderful places.
  • Los Cabos Diving in Cabo Pulmo: Dream like blue water, a vibrant submarine life and the only reef in the Sea of Cortéz is what you’ll find in this amazing landscape over 25,000 years old.

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