Merida Mexico Guide

Founded in 1542 and located in southeastern Mexico, Merida is the capital of the Yucatán state and one of three states that make up the Yucatán Peninsula. This destination is distinguished by its cultural richness and Mayan heritage. Since, while the Riviera Maya with destinations such as Playa del Carmen or Tulum highlights by its amazing coastlines, Merida is a place where the majestic churches accumulate, the streets are frozen in time and the culture is always near in any of its amazing museums.

That’s why, if you’re planning your next travel to this destination, be sure to take a look at the next Merida Mexico guide, where you’ll find the places that you can’t miss on this adventure, the best dishes on the area and where to eat them, the best hotels to stay and everything what you need to make your visit something unforgettable you’ll find in the next paragraphs, let’s take a look!

The best season to visit Merida

Merida is a clear tropical destination, so winter is a great time to visit. From late-October to March is the perfect season of year to visit Merida, since the weather’s cooler and not so humid. Actually, the annual average temperature at this destination is 22.7 ºC.

On the other hand, May to September is by far the roughest season in this area, due to the high temperature and the humidity that increases to its peak. Also, this last season is known too by its common heavy rains. So that, if you want to enjoy to the fullest your visit, the best season is from late-October to March due to its perfect weather, and if you’re wondering for a specific month, December is also a fun time to visit with city-wide festivals, Mexican Christmas Posadas, and cultural events like Noche Blanca.

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Where to eat and stay on Merida?

If you’re traveling to Merida, the culinary experience in this place is one of the most important points for your adventure. Since, in addition to being a place full of culture and a romantic ambience, Merida is a foodie destination that is highlighted by its unique flavors and the original combination in its recipes, fruit of the heritage of traditional Mayan cuisine. If you want to try the amazing dishes of this place, the next restaurants are some of your best options to enjoy the experience of Yucatecan food:

  • Manjar Blanco.
  • La Chaya Maya.
  • Museo de la Gastronomía Yucateca.
  • La Negrita.
  • Mercado Lucas de Gálvez.

On the other hand, Merida has a wide list of hotels and lodging options. From relaxing boutique hotels to practical Airbnb’s and comfortable hostels, this destination keeps excellent accommodations for every kind of visitor. Now, if we talk about the best area to stay, the best clear option is the downtown of Merida, where you’ll find the best options to stay, as well as museums, shops and the beautiful architecture that distinguished this destination, among many other attractions. Among the best options for lodging in Merida you’ll find:

  • Rosas y Xocolate
  • Boutique Hotel & Spa.
  • The Diplomat Boutique Hotel.
  • El Palacito Secreto Boutique Hotel.
  • Hacienda Santa Cruz Hotel & Spa.
  • CasaBlanca (5 stars Airbnb)
  • Casa Escalera al Cielo (5 Stars Airbnb).
  • Elite Apartments
  • Pablo Picasso.
  • Suites Roma Apartments.

If you’re going to travel to a destination like Merida, one of the best things that you can do prior to the trip is selecting your priority activities so as not to succumb to laziness against the large number of activities and things to see that this destination offers. Before you see our list of essential things to do in Merida, it is important that you’re aware that this destination and the attractions that you’ll see here are purely for cultural appreciation. Among the best things to do on this destination are:

  • Get to know Merida downtown.
  • Visit the interesting museums of the place (Some of the favorites are: The museum of Merida City, Macay Museum and the Grand Mayan World Museum).
  • Take a walk around Santa Lucía park.
  • Embark on the Turibús to get to know the picturesque Itzimná neighborhood and the García Ginerés neighborhood.
  • Visit the archaeological zone of Dzibilchaltún (Only 17 Km to the north of the city).
  • Admire the ancient churches of the area.
  • Walk Paseo Montejo and observe its beautiful colonial architecture.
  • Visit the Monumento a la patria in Paseo de Montejo.

As we said, Merida is a purely cultural destination. Despite this, if you’re visiting this place, one of the best things that you can do to improve your experience and vary the adventure, is use this place as starting point to visit the interesting and world-famous destinations that you’ll find in this area, among the best tours and day trips that you can embark on to know the beautiful nearby places that this destination keeps, are:

  • Izamal “The Yellow City”
  • Valladolid Magic town.
  • Campeche City.
  • Puerto Progreso (The closest beach to Merida).
  • Chichén-Itza (One of the seven wonders of the world).
  • Uxmal ruins.
  • México Pink Lakes (Las Coloradas).
  • Cenote Ik Kil.

Faq and advices

  • Do i need a visa to visit México? Passport holders from the United States, Canada and the majority of Europe don’t need a visa to travel to Mexico.
  • What do i pack for my Merida trip? Due to its tropical climate, the best clothes that you can bring to Merida are fresh, breathable, cotton, and light-colored clothing. This is the ideal place to show your best sundresses, sun hats and sunglasses.
  • What’s the best way to get around on Merida? The best way to move in Merida, will depend on the distance that you’re planning to travel. If you want to know Merida downtown, you can easily visit this place just by walking. However, if you’re traveling a medium-long distance, you can use the UBER app to get around, since the distances are not so large and the prices are mostly fair.
  • How do i travel to Merida? If you’re not in the Mexican republic, the only way to get here is by airplane, actually, there’s a Merida airport just outside of downtown that frequently receives direct flights to Merida from destinations such as Miami and Houston International Airports. Another option is to arrange a trip with your favorite travel agency.
  • What’s the main currency in Merida? As in the rest of the Mexican republic, the main currency in Merida is the Mexican peso, however, there are places to exchange dollars along the city and most of the shops accept cards.