Merida Mexican Restaurants

Also being the capital of the Yucatán state, Merida is also its most interesting gastronomic center. In addition to being recognized by its architecture, historical heritage and music; Merida is also a foodie destination. Besides all the obvious and amazing Mexican classics such as tacos or burritos, you can also enjoy traditional Yucatán food and many of your favorite international offerings.

The gastronomy in this region is highlighted by a predominance of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and delicious meats. Among the famous dishes that you can’t miss in this region are the well-known cochinita pibil, the panuchos and the delicious marquesitas, among many other delights.

That’s why, if you want to know the complete experience across this beautiful destination, a Merida Mexican restaurants guide is something that you can’t miss before arriving at this destination. Know the best places to enjoy the unique flavors of Merida and complete your experience with the next restaurants and its dishes. Let’s eat!

Where to eat mexican food?

Besides being a perfect destination to admire the greatness of the Mayan culture and the beauty of a city that looks lost in time. Merida is also an ideal place to enjoy the most delicious Mexican dishes such as tacos, pachucos, burritos, tostadas and many other classics of the Mexican cuisine, thanks to the infusion of ancient flavors from the recipes of ancient Maya, the Mexican dishes in this region acquires a new level. If you want to take the opportunity to enjoy the classics of Mexican cuisine boosted by many fruits and veggies that don’t grow in other parts of Mexico, the next restaurants are some of your best options:

  • Los Platos rotos de Frida: Translated as “Frida’s Broken Dishes” this place is a homage to Mexico’s most famous artist. In its menu you’ll find a whole spectrum of Mexican cooking, from moles to enchiladas and chilaquiles, all of this accompanied by a riot of color, extravagant decor and Kahlo artwork.
  • Wayan’e: One of the most popular places in Merida is Wayan’e, a favorite of locals and visitors, that offers in its 3 branches its famous Tacos de guisado that are a classic of many Mexico cities, if you want to enjoy the true Mexican flavors in a restaurant with tradition and good reputation, this is one of your best options.
  • El Pastor Suizo: If you’re traveling by a Mexican destination, you can’t miss the opportunity to try the flavor of one of the best taqueria in this area. At this place, you’ll find the best tacos made with pastor meat (A Mexican adaptation of shawarma that swaps pork for beef) that are a must when you’re visiting a place in México.
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Where to eat local dishes?

As we said, Merida is a foodie destination, if you’re visiting this place, you can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy some of the most delicious dishes that this region offers you. Far from being just another place in México where you can enjoy classic dishes of the Mexican cuisine, Merida is proud of its unique flavors that distinguished its own style, in this destination, you’ll find recipes made with ingredients barely seen in other areas of Mexican republic, such as naranja agria (sour oranges) and achiote paste (AKA axiote, or annatto), staples of Yucatec cuisine. Among the local dishes that you should try are: Sopa de lima, cochinita pibil, panuchos, poc-chuc, papadzules and many other delights that you’ll find in this place. If you want to live a unique gastronomic experience, the next restaurant are some of the favorites in this destination:

  • Manjar Blanco: Known by its participation in the Netflix series Las crónicas del taco (Taco Chronicles), this popular restaurant offers high-quality versions of authentic local dishes in a more upscale setting. Led by Yucatán Chef Miriam Peraza, Manejar Blanco is distinguished by prepare Yucatecan food by hand, using ancient methods.
  • La Chaya Maya: Another place beloved by visitors and locals alike is La Chaya Maya, named after the spinach-like leaf used in many of the region’s traditional dishes, this restaurant is known for taking Yucatecan dishes to another level, all of this, accompanied by the best ambience and an excellent service.
  • Ku’uk: Considered as one of the top restaurants in Merida, Ku’uk takes the Yucatecan recipes and wraps it in a high-end gastronomic experience. Run by one of the most famous Merida and
  • Yucatán chefs: Pedro Evia, this multiple award-winning restaurant in Merida is one of the best places to eat regional dishes in a gourmet presentation.
  • Mercado Lucas de Gálvez: As a little bonus, we include Lucas de Gálvez market, as without doubt, the local markets in México are some of the best ways to explore the unique gastronomy of a place. Located in Merida downtown, in this place you’ll find some of the most delicious Yucatecan dishes with homemade flavor and excellent prices.

Where to eat international dishes?

Being a destination that has gained popularity over the years, Merida turned into a destination where you can find almost any kind of international dishes along the city. If you’re looking for a place where to vary your taste, the next restaurants are some of the best options on this destination:

  • Tokyo 07: If you’re looking for Japanese food, Tokyo 07 will fascinate you. Located in San Ramón Norte district, this restaurant offers classic Japanese dishes such as sashimi, nigiri, gyoza, and more. However, the most interesting feature of this place, are its Japanese-Yucatan fusion dishes, such as their chipotle gyoza ramen and others.
  • Pizza e core: There’s no place in the world where you don’t crave a good pizza, Merida is not an exception. Run by an actual Italian chef who uses imported ingredients and fires off pizzas in a wood-burning stove, Pizza e core is the best place if you want to taste the authentic flavor of the original Italian pizza style.
  • Mercado 60: Located in Santa Lucía Park, Mercado 60 is one of the best places if you want to try new flavors. This gastronomic marketplace brings together very diverse cuisine proposals, that goes from Lebanese to Yucatecan food, vegetarian options, Argentine cuts and many other international dishes!