Activities in Merida

Besides being a destination with immeasurable cultural richness, Merida is also a perfect starting point to visit some of the most popular and interesting destinations of the Mexican southeast. On these tours, you’ll find from purely cultural travels to adventure trips that will take you on to discover the amazing flora and fauna that the natural areas in this part of México keeps.

If you want to vary your experience across Merida, on the next guide of activities in Merida we’ll show you all the beautiful places near this city and the best way to enjoy your adventure to the fullest.

Cultural tours

Although Merida is by itself a capital of culture and Mayan heritage, around this destination you can explore some of the most important Mayan ruins such as the world-famous Chichén-Itza archaeological area or the amazing Uxmal ruins. Since, due to its past location as the hearth of the Mayan empire, the Yucatán Peninsula is home to about 100 public Mayan Ruins in Mexico. If you want to know the mythical places through which this gigantic empire passed over a thousand years ago, the next tours from Merida are some of your best options to visit these ancient lands:

  • Tour to Chichen Itza and visit to cenote with buffet lunch: On this tour, you’ll take on to explore one of the seven wonders of the world, Chichén-Itza. Discover this enigmatic Mayan city on this day trip from Merida and end your adventure diving you in a local cenote.
  • Private tour to Uxmal and Choco story: Discover the wonderful ruins of an ancient Mayan city in the spectacular Uxmal archaeological area. Enter to this World-Heritage Site on a private guided tour at your own pace. Then, you’ll learn everything about one of the best legacies that the Mayan culture left to the world: The chocolate. Venture out in these 8 hours of experience across this mythical place.
  • Full-day tour Mayapán archaeological zone and Santa Bárbara cenotes: Embark on in this private tour to Mayapán, a town that was known for its enormous interest and knowledge in astronomy and mathematics. Enjoy a delicious á la carte lunch and take a bath in the Santa Bárbara cenotes to finish your adventure.
activities in merida

Tours to natural areas

As we said, Merida has a privileged location, besides being near about 100 public Mayan Ruins, Merida is a perfect point to discover the amazing richness that the Mexican southeast keeps in its stunning beaches, green jungles and, of course, its amazing cenotes. These last, are one of the distinctive attractions of this México region, since these underwater sinkholes with freshwater, are only found in a few places on Earth, and for your lucky, the largest concentration of these natural wonders are in the Yucatán peninsula, where there are about 6,000 cenotes along this area. If you want to venture out in the rich and wonderful land that this part of México offer’s, we recommend you the next experiences to discover the natural richness of Yucatán peninsula:

  • Full-day tour to cenotes of Cuzamá from Merida: Visit three of the most beautiful cenotes of the Yucatán peninsula in this full-day tour where you can dive yourself in the Cascabel, Chaksikin and Pool Cocom cenotes and finish your adventure with a delicious lunch.
  • Tour to Las Coloradas and Río Lagartos from Merida: Explore one of the most incredible sceneries on the earth in this tour to Las Coloradas and Río Lagartos. In this adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to travel across the unreal pink waters of Las Coloradas while you admire the unique flora and fauna of this area and end your adventure in one of the favorite restaurants located in Río Lagartos.
  • Private tour from Merida Flamingo sighting in Celestun: On this private tour, you’ll have the opportunity to admire flamingos in the Celestun biosphere while you cross this beautiful place by boat through the mangrove forest and its beautiful coastal ecosystem declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Day trips to near towns

The Yucatán peninsula is rich in culture and tradition, that’s why, the Pueblos Mágicos (Magical towns), abound in this part of México. These kinds of destinations are distinguished by its charming ambience, strong traditions, unique dishes and mostly, a colorful Colonial architecture. Among the best tours that you’ll find to visit these places are:

  • From Merida, Valladolid and Izamal Day Trip: Explore the rich Yucatecan history and culture on this day trip across Izamal and Valladolid, two of the most important destinations in this part of México. Walk in the yellow streets of Izamal and the picturesque corners of Valladolid in this 9 hours tour with buffet included.
  • Izamal Light and Sound: If you’re a lover of the night and its romantic ambience, this tour is for you. Enjoy one of the 4 Magical Towns of Yucatán by night and let yourself go with the beautiful show of light and sound in the yellow city where you’ll admire incredible figures reflected on the walls of the city, and in the San Antonio de Padua ex-convent.
  • Full Day Tour in Campeche from Merida: Discover the beautiful downtown of Campeche in this 9 hours tour. Considered a world heritage site by UNESCO since 1999, on this tour, you’ll have the opportunity to visit the archeological zone of Edzna, the craft village of Becal and the capital of Campeche where you’ll admire its walls and forts in this unique tour.

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