Punta Cana Restaurant Guide

There’s no way to know the essence of a destination without taking a bite of the delicious dishes that every place keeps, Punta Cana is not the exception to this rule. In addition to its beautiful beaches and amazing tropical vibe, this destination located in the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, keeps a unique combination of exotic flavors and various Michelin-starred chefs.

Due to the fast expansion of commerce in this touristic area, Punta Cana counts with excellent restaurants where you’ll find the best meats imported from the United States or explosive flavors with rich nuances and spices, as well as international cuisines and exquisite traditional dishes of the zone like “Majarete” or “La Bandera”.

That’s why, if you want to taste the unique flavors that this destination keeps to you, stay with us in the next Punta Cana Restaurant guide. Discover one of the experiences that you can’t miss in this Caribbean Eden: Punta Cana.


As well as you’ll find people from all over the world in Punta Cana, in the same way you can find restaurants with flavors that can range from Asian and Indian food to Italian dishes. In this place, you’ll be able to taste any kind of food from all over the world (many times even just in one restaurant at once) cooked by some of the best chefs in their respective cuisines. Among the best places to eat international dishes in Punta Cana you’ll find:

  • La Mona: Located in Juanillo beach, La Mona is a restaurant distinguished by its incredible sea view and the wide variety of dishes that can be found in its menu, ranging from Caribbean and international fusion cuisine to Asian, French and Mediterranean touches.
  • Citrus Restaurant: In addition to its delicious dishes and good prices, this well-known restaurant located in Plaza Turquesa counts with an efficient and attentive service that combined with its variety of dishes that includes Caribbean, Italian, and Asian cuisine, it surely will fascinate you.
  • Pranama: Now, if you’re looking for something unique, Pranama is a restaurant that offers a taste of Indian cuisine. Among the features that distinguish this place, is its warm attention and the freshly cooked Indian dishes that you wouldn’t find in other places of Punta Cana.



Being a Caribbean destination, the seafood is something that can’t be missed in the list of things to taste in Punta Cana. In addition to its natural beauty, in Punta Cana you’ll find the most fresh seafood and excellent places to enjoy the delight that comes from the Caribbean Sea. If you come to Punta Cana, the delicious flavors of some of the next seafood restaurants will be a “must” in your list:

  • La Palapa: Known for its exquisite location and delicious dishes, in this restaurant you can enjoy fresh seafood while you delight your eyes with the beautiful views of the turquoise sea and the fresh sea breeze in this sophisticated place.
  • Jellyfish Restaurant: When we talk about fresh seafood in Punta Cana, Jellyfish is one of the favorites of visitors as well as the locals. This restaurant is ideal for weddings and special events, its delicious list of dishes accompanied by its beautiful saloon right in the white sand of the beach makes this place something unforgettable.
  • Herman 311 Bar & Restaurant: Located in Plaza Bávaro Shopping Center, this well-known place is on the top when we talk about places to eat seafood and enjoy luxury dishes such as lobster. Its delicious seafood is accompanied by a bar that serves first-rate mojitos and a cushy terrace with live music and a great ambience.


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If there’s something that you can’t miss at any part of the world where you travel, the unique flavors that each zone offers you. Punta Cana is not the exception to this rule, as this place counts with some of the best spots to taste the authentic flavors of the Dominican cuisine, among the best restaurants that serve local food, any of the next places is a sure option to know the flavor of this tropical land:

  • La Casita de Yeya: Located on the Food Court in Downtown Center. La casita de Yeya serves some of the best dishes that the Dominican cuisine offers; Sancocho, mofongo, carnitas, moro, avocado, locrio, toasted cassava, garlic shrimp, longaniza and other creations with the original flavor of this land you’ll find in this place.
  • Mathilda: If you’re looking for a place where to have breakfast or dinner, Mathilda is one of the favorite places in this destination due to its gastronomy full of local flavors and exquisite dishes that complements the great culinary offer of Bávaro.
  • Noah: In addition to serving a wide list of dishes that includes Caribbean and Latin fusions, Noah is well-known for its delicious local dishes that are one of the strongest points on the menu. If you want to taste some of the best flavors of this region cooked by some of the best chefs, this restaurant located on Plaza Paseo in San Juan is always a secure option.

Follow our Punta Cana travel guide and discover the best hotels for all budgets and everything you need to know to have an unforgettable trip.